Has de Laurentiis betrayed Napoli fans?

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Has de Laurentiis betrayed Napoli fans?, Diego Maradona has views, plenty of them in fact. However, irrespective of how much off the mark they may be at times, when he speaks of Napoli, the residents of Naples are is rapt attention.Prior to the announcement of Gonzalo Higuain’s transfer to Juventus, Maradona lamented the power of “Fat Cats” and he didn’t hold back any punches. It was not just Juve’s financial clout that drew his ire, but the conduct of the club by president Aurelio De Laurentiis that was in his target zone. He wasn’t off the mark this time.

De Laurentiis labelled Higuain as “ungrateful” while also deeming his transfer as “Betrayal” Has de Laurentiis betrayed Napoli fans?. The question needs to be asked to De Laurentiis though is who has actually betrayed Napoli? Higuain or Him? Last season, Napoli almost won the serie till February. Not having to deal with the distraction of European competitions, the Partenopei were solely focussed on repeating the history that was last written by Maradona in his heydays. The ultimate result though saw them staving off Roma’s challenge to secure the second spot.With Higuain banned for three matches in Serie A in the business end of the domestic championship, there lack of depth was clearly exposed.

Has de Laurentiis betrayed Napoli fans?

Has de Laurentiis betrayed Napoli fans?

Has de Laurentiis betrayed Napoli fans?

Apart from the starting eleven, the back-ups were just not upto the mark. And that’s De Launretiis’ department. The appointment of Maurizio Sarri was a good appointment but the acquisitions of players has left a lot to be desired.Anybody with the knowledge of Italian football know that apart from Juventus, none of the other teams can be deemed as genuine challengers. The deplorable condition of Italian football is no big secret.The finances are shallow and the malaise of match fixing deep-rooted. It is the very reason that the remarkable survivals and unexpected successes are viewed with a tinge of skepticism. However, Napoli managed to steer clear of all these issue amid their pursuit of the title and Higuain gave everything for the cause.

Breaking the record held by Gunnar Nordahl for 66 years, he dragged them as far as he could. But it is here that the rest of the cast shows up. With the exception of Marek Hamsik and Kalidou Koulibaly, the other stars failed to fill in their share of goals.To expect the repeat of last season’s phenomenol run is asking too much from Sarri and his backroom staff. The signings this summer are an embarrassment compared to their Serie A rivals Juventus. To expect anything else from Higuain is illogical.

Has de Laurentiis betrayed Napoli fans? because of what he done

Gonzalo Higuain arrived from Real Madrid feeling unloved. Despite an impressive scoring statistics, he was never really considered as a star and held in same regard as Cristiano Ronaldo or Karim Benzema. During his stint in Napoli, he got plenty of affection from the Napolitains and returned them golas, a bagful of goals.However, Higuain wants trophies. About to turn 29, he doesn’t have much time to achieve his goals. The champions league medal, one which would be achieved of his own hard work is invaluable.

To win the Serie A would have its own significance in his resume. On both fronts, Napoli hold no such promises. Koulibaly is heading towards the exit door and it remains to be seen how long will Hamsik put up with the ongoings of De Laurentiis regime. The only way that Higuain could make all his feats add up to something would have been by moving to an established team. Arsenal were linked with his services and offered Olivier Giroud as a part of the deal.

The money was there, as some allege it to be Higuain’s primary motive behind changing his allegiances.But the Emirates stadium hasn’t hosted the Premier League trophy extravaganza for the last 14 years. Pipita knows that in the end all the records would count for little if the trophies don’t swell up his cabinet.Juventus are just the right solution for his this conundrum and nobody can fault him for choosing the best option for himself.

The fans maybe flushing down his jersey in the toilet and burning the shirt that bears his number but a closer look would reveal it’s the wrong name and wrong shirt they are annihilating.

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