Michael Owen was a must watch during his prime days

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Michael Owen was a must watch during his prime days, Michael James Owen is a 36-year-old former English footballer. Throughout his career as a striker, he has played for Newcastle United, Liverpool, Manchester United, England National Team and Stroke City. Son of a former professional footballer Terry Owen, Michael inherited the quintessential traits of this profession from his father. Michael is considered as one of the greatest Premier League and English strikers from his generation.

This was possible because of his unique style of play which has earned him immense accolades throughout his career. His majestic style included quick moves, expediency, nimbleness, focus and technical dexterity. Eventually, he emerged as a perfect finisher in his career. Although he didn’t have a very tall physique, he made good use of his head. His spectacular performances in his young years qualify him to be called as a wunderkind. Owing to the impeccable finesse he possessed, he truly was a treat to watch during his prime days.

Michael Owen was a must watch during his prime days

Michael Owen was a must watch during his prime days

Michael Owen was a must watch during his prime days

Here are some of the chief achievements of Michael Owen to further corroborate this statement. In the early days of his career, when he was just 16 and playing for Liverpool in the season 1995-96, Michael was a renowned star of the FA Cup campaign. It was because Liverpool had won the FA Youth Cup for the first time in its history and Michael played a pivotal role in its victory.  When he was just 17, he signed a professional contract with Liverpool. In January 1997, he was regarded as the best attacker in his age group in the country. At such a young age, Michael had the requisite awareness and a great vision. In 1997-98, he eventually became the first choice striker of Liverpool.

He was also awarded the PFA Young Player of the year. Because of his extraordinary capabilities, he became the first teenager in the British football history with a contract of £2.5 million, a whopping amount at that time. In the season of 2000-01, Michael received the European Player of the year award owing to his spectacular performance. Thereby, he became the first English to win this award after Kevin Keegan. Michael Owen was a must watch during his prime days consistent and brilliant performances led Liverpool to win five trophies in just one year.

Michael Owen was a must watch during his prime days in Liverpool

Liverpool was the first English team with this record and Michael played a central role in this achievement. He eventually catapulted to the top of the highest earners in the English Premiership with a colossal pay of £70,000 per week. He was the much sought-after player of his times. During the 2004-05 season at the Real Madrid, he scored 13 goals in La Liga, and thus ended up with the highest ratio of the season for the goals he earned to the number of minutes he played.

In the dimension of his International career, Michael has yet more illustrious achievements to his name. He ranks fifth in the list of the top scorers of all time for the England Team. In the competitive International matches, he comes as the second highest goal scorer of England with Rooney at the first position. He was England’s eleventh most capped player with a total of 89 caps. Michael appeared in three World Cups from 1998 through 2006 and thereby became one of the only eleven players from England who appeared thrice in the World Cup.

Michael was the only player to have scored for England in four major tournaments. He was also the youngest player of the 20th Century who represented England at just 18 years and 59 days of his age. He became the youngest ever player to have scored for England when he scored his first goal for England in the pre-World Cup match against Morocco. Although he suffered from numerous injuries throughout his career, his undeterred spirit kept him going. With so many prestigious awards and achievements by his side, Michael can be called as a shining star of Football during his prime time who never failed to garner immense fame and popularity from his fans.

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